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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Freeport, Maine



The last group retreat I led was in 2018! As we all know, so much has unfolded since then — and for years now I have been dreaming of this moment of gathering again.


Personally, I have been deeply missing being in person with people. Feeling the energy of a group coming together to play, to listen, to dream, to feel, to plan, to joyfully enter the next season of life. Uniquely individually — but together.


This day is a gift for you if …

You’ve been feeling isolated and you (like me) are wanting in person connection 

You’ve been feeling stuck and you want to feel the flow of energy and inspiration again

You’ve been in a time of overwhelm and you are ready for clarity and more innate calm

Or if you just love your life, and want to come and enjoy and be open to what’s next.


We will spend the day (and the calls before and after) holding space for …

  • A part of your life that wants to flourish (that usually gets moved to the bottom of the list)

  • A dream, a vision, or a part of your life where you want Love to guide the way.

  • Or something in your life, or yourself, that you want to fall in love with again, just as it is.


Something happens when we gather in person, in collective energy, with our dreams, wishes and wonderings  — delight can be felt, new ideas can spring forth, and comfort & clarity in the ‘what’s meant to be’ can be found.

Why Maine

I have wanted to invite people to Maine since the moment I arrived here.


The coast of Maine calms the whole nervous system

Brings appreciation to the present

And inspires the future.


I truly think it’s the most beautiful and supportive place to listen in to what Love Says.

What's included

One 90-minute Pre-Retreat Virtual Workshop

One 90-minute Post-Retreat Connection Virtual Workshop


The 10 am - 5:30 pm EST Love Says Retreat Day!


Three Class Sessions guided by Elizabeth

A beautiful locally-sourced lunch

Coffee, Tea and Goodies Bar

Love Says Swag

Surprise Gifts

A Sunday Group Adventure with Lauren Abrami

A great reason to visit Maine!


The Investment


One Payment of $797​


Three Payments of $275





*Discounted pricing for The Love Says Podcast Patreon members.

Please please email for the Patreon discounted link.



What surprised me most is how comfortable I actually was at the retreat. I’ve never been around so many people who were so warm. And in that group I had this ability to draw out these gifts I had inside myself that I never knew I had.

Cristina & Remo

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